Eco-lodge Experience

As a fairly new member of the Saint Lucia National Trust Youth Chapter, I was extremely eager to be a part of the much talked about eco lodge experience. It is said that being one with nature seems to have the effect of bringing people together, regardless of differences in behavior, character or opinions. I was curious as to how true a saying this was as I was not well acquainted with many members.

The cabin, in Micoud, is about 45 minutes inland due to the jagged terrain. The high spirited members, with their conversations and jokes kept everyone occupied. As the cabin came into view, the negative feeling of being away from technology and civilization began to set it. However, as we drove closer and more of the surrounding of the cabin was revealed, the ‘spirit of nature’ and beauty began to overpower this negative feeling. The lodge seemed to be a well kept area with a variety of crotons and palm trees surrounding a well kept but not frequently inhabited cabin which was tucked soundly in the heart of this beautiful forest. The sounds of forest birds, insects and running water were a warm welcome as we exited the bus. The land surrounding the cabin was bordered by two streams on each end.

There were many educational and fun filled activities scheduled for the weekend at eco-lodge. Although our guided hike was unable to take place, those thirsty for adventure ventured into the forest to explore. A vast number of the Amazona Versicolour bird, was encountered on our walk. Many stories from funny to scary were shared. The creation of a camp fire was the most tedious of all the activities which were undertaken throughout our stay because of the lack of dry firewood. However, the coals used for the preparation of dinner and breakfast were an excellent substitute. The only disappointment was that we were unable to roast smores and tell stories around the campfire as was done at previous eco lodge gatherings.

This for me was more than enough of a great experience to bring back home as a memory. The sighting of our rare national bird allowed a greater appreciation towards this bird to be created within me as well as for our environment on a whole.

Written by: Hans Mathurin
Saint Lucia National Trust Youth Chapter Member

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