Trust News July to December 2017

Walcott House Open House

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Kayak Snorkelling Excursion 2017

On 25th November 2017, a group of persons seeking adventure on the water assembled at Savannes Bay to participate in a kayaking and snorkelling tour organised by the Saint Lucia National Trust. We prepared the kayaks, put on life jackets and while some of us got into the kayaks, others boarded the boat. We spent some time getting used to balancing on the water and rowing in the kayaks, ahead of the boat and then everybody was ready to go. The boat went ahead, followed by the kayaking guide, then the rest of the group; some of whom had experience with kayaking while others were trying it for the first time.

Accelerating the achievement of the SDGs Agenda through Open Governance

The first of the OGP Talk series of articles was featured in the October to December 2016 Newsletter of the Saint Lucia National Trust (SLNT). It considered the sustained efforts of Jamaica’s leaders to demonstrate their commitment to promoting open governance and public participation by joining the Open Government Partnership (OGP) in December 2016 subsequent to their ratification of Principle 10 of the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development. The second OGP Talk article was published in the January to June 2017 edition of Trust News.

1st Agreement to Protect Environmental Defenders

“This will be the first agreement in the world that will address this tragedy of the 21st century to give protection to all those (environmental defenders) who need it,” this was the prophetic closing sentence of an emphatic speech by Andrea Sanhueza, Elected Representative of the Public (Chile) to governments during deliberations on Day 3 (November 29, 2017) of the negotiation on Principle 10.

Completion of Storm Drain Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of a major storm drain on Sandy Beach has been completed. The work is one of a suite of activities undertaken under a coastal stabilisation project which is being executed by the Saint Lucia National Trust (SLNT) within the Pointe Sable Environmental Protection Area (PSEPA). According to Mr. Craig Henry, SLNT Programme Officer for the South, “The overall goal of the project is to increase the resilience of the PSEPA coastline to climate change impacts and to address some coastal degradation issues in the area through the implementation of a series of interventions that incorporate both natural and built coastal protection measures”.

Fer-de-Lance Safety Awareness Training

On 7th and 8th December 2017, the Saint Lucia National Trust (SLNT) and the Forestry Division within the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries, Natural Resources and Co-operatives facilitated two Fer-de-Lance Safety Awareness Training Workshops for persons at risk of being bitten by the Fer-de-Lance due to their area of employment. The training was undertaken as part of the project entitled “Conservation and Management of the Endemic Fer-de-Lance (Bothrops caribbaeus) on the small island developing state o Saint Lucia”.

Chairperson’s Christmas Greeting Message 2017

Aerial Tram & Zipline Tour

International Coastal Cleanup 2017

On Saturday September 16th, volunteers gathered at Pigeon Island National Landmark from about 6:30 a.m. to help pick up garbage which had accumulated along the beaches and coastal areas. Many were not prepared for how difficult and extensive the job was going to be. Prior to the actual cleanup, the volunteers were given gloves, garbage bags, pencils and a data collection form.

Press Release SLNT 41st Annual General Meeting

SLNT uses multi-pronged approach to Fer-de-Lance Management

The Forestry Division, a major partner of the project “Conservation and Management of the Endemic Fer-deLance on the small island developing state of Saint Lucia” will be the recipient of a supply of protective gear and equipment under the project. The handing over will be done by Saint Lucia National Trust (SLNT) who is implementing the project in collaboration with the Forestry Division and other partners, and with funding from the Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme. The handing over of these resources to the Forestry Division within the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries, Natural Resources and Co-operatives comes as a follow-up to practical training provided under the project to Forestry Officers and other persons who may be at risk of snake bite because of their line of work.

SLNT Annual Report 41st Annual General Meeting

Newsletter January to June 2017

White Breasted Thrasher & the Youth

On June 22nd members of the Dennery Primary School’s ‘Lorax Club’ learned to use Google Earth to map coordinates to show the pressure areas of the Saint Lucia White Breasted Thrasher. The training was provided by Matt Morton of Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Murlina Murray of the Saint Lucia National Trust (SLNT).

SLNT Financial Statements April 2016 to March 2017

Movie Night 2017 Collage

International Coastal Cleanup September 2017

Celebrating 42 years of Conserving Saint Lucia’s Heritage

Tuesday, 26th September 2017 marks the 42nd anniversary of the Saint Lucia National Trust (SLNT). The Trust is a membership organization established to help conserve the natural and cultural heritage of Saint Lucia and to promote values which lead to national pride and love of country. Over the years the organization has been able to fulfill this mandate through site management and maintenance; advocating for the sustainable use and management of the island’s natural resources and through education and advocacy programmes.

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Promoting Heritage Conservation Among our Youth Collage

La Woz Flower Festival 2017

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Building Resilience to Climate Change

The Saint Lucia National Trust (SLNT) sponsored a Beach Profile Training Workshop on Thursday, August 3rd at its satellite office in Vieux Fort. “The training exercise is part of a broader effort to increase local capacity for natural resources (beaches and coasts) monitoring and it is also a precursor to beach profile data collection exercises which is set to begin within the Pointe Sable Environmental Protection Area (PSEPA),” said Mr. Craig Henry, Programme Officer for Conservation in the south.

Another Caribbean Country Seeks to Raise the Bar

Saint Lucia has attended a few meetings as an Observer of the Principle 10 negotiations geared at reaching an agreement which will give citizens in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) an opportunity to be involved from the onset in the decision-making process on environmental matters. But today was different, as the Permanent Secretary in the Department of Sustainable Development, Ms. Valerie Leon officially announced that Saint Lucia has joined the process thereby making them the 24th signatory country to this ambitious initiative. The announcement was made on the first day of the seventh meeting of the negotiating committee of the regional agreement on access to information, participation and justice in environmental matters in LAC being held at Palacio San Martín, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship in Buenos Aires, Argentina from July 31 – August 4, 2017.

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The Soufriere Excursion

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SLNT Press Release Clarification

Global Youth Video Competition on Climate Change

New Entrance Fees to Pigeon Island National Landmark

Press Release - Closure of Walcott Place

The Cross Cultural Foundation of Uganda supports the Trust

Support from Saint Helena National Trust

Major Coastal Stabilization Project Launched in Saint Lucia

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Members Pledge their Continued Support

Catholic Church Statement on DSH Project & other Social Issues

SLNT Stance about Dolphins in Captivity

Lawmakers in Mexico approve reforms to ban captivity of marine life

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Review of Financial Analysis PINL Redevelopment

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SLNT Financial Statements 2015 - 2016

SLNT Financial Statements 2013 -2014

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Government’s Proposal to Zero SLNT’s Subvention

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Youth Discovering Their Roots & Destiny Through Their Heritage

This is a wonderful country with a rich heritage and lovely people, and even if I am not a born Saint Lucian I got teary eyed a few times especially to the end. This is an educational and entertaining film that took us on a fascinating historical journey of Saint Lucia’s natural, cultural and historical heritage. The question now is, what can we do to conserve and preserve our island’s patrimony?” The foregoing sentiments were expressed by the Communications and Advocacy Officer of the Saint Lucia National Trust (SLNT), Karetta Crooks Charles, as she addressed an audience of primarily young people gathered at Caribbean Cinemas to participate in the SLNT’s 2017 Youth for Conservation Retreat. The main feature of this year’s event was the viewing of a documentary on Saint Lucia’s heritage, ‘Who are You?’, which was followed by a panel discussion.

Chronicles of Saint Lucia Racer Sightings

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Caribbean resort project draws heat over threat to vulnerable species

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Saint Lucia and Mexico Emerge Winners of Environmental Video Contest

A creative animation dubbed “What is Principle 10?” by Ted Sandiford of Saint Lucia copped first place in a regional video/animation competition called “Our Environment, Our Voices”. While, Luis Vera of Mexico came second with a video called “We saved the Cocospera River”. The winners of the contest were announced on Monday, March 20th in Brazil at the 6th Meeting of the Negotiating Committee of the Regional Agreement on Access to Information, Participation and Justice in Environmental Matters in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC).

Important Environmental Governance Talks Underway in Brazil

Day one of the 6th Negotiations for a Regional Agreement on Access to Information, Public Participation and Access to Justice was packed yet fruitful. There were contact group sessions on access to information and participation; an opening session; a panel discussion on rights of access to environmental justice, and sharing of national actions undertaken by governments and civil society to promote Principle 10. This important and visionary process known as Principle 10 seeks to enhance environmental governance in Latin America and the Caribbean and uniquely allows civil society to share their expertise with the governments of the 23 signatory countries. Nicaragua is also attending as an Observer country.

A Causeway for Concern - By Sarah N. George

Trust Members Speak Out

The atmosphere was charged as 222 members and staff of the Saint Lucia National Trust and 70 non-members gathered for the first Trust membership meeting for 2017. There was hardly any standing space in the Bougainvillea Conference Room at the Bay Gardens Hotel for the attendees who came from all across the island to discuss pertinent issues affecting Saint Lucia’s heritage.

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