Mangrove Tree Planting Tour

- Written by National Trust

First of all, not being an early morning person, highly appreciative of the fact that the tour of Mankote Mangrove started at a decent hour: around 10 am - presumably to allow the Castries posse to wind their way down to the south. Living in Vieux Fort, it ordinarily requires a visit to Hewanorra Airport on Sunday afternoons to see a wide array of unknown faces but I was pleasantly surprised, arriving that Sunday morning at Mankote, to see so many faces from out of town. Better still, the bunch of enthusiastic young people who introduced us to the facts of mangrove life and survival at Mankote, were all strangers too! That was a very odd but exceedingly pleasant experience because it testifies to the fact that anno 2016, a legion of young Caribbean men and women from around the Lesser Antilles play active, professional roles in the conservation and preservation of our environment. Poor old Mankote mangrove, which for so long, and by so many, has been treated as a mere convenient dump site for garbage, or a dirty swamp good for nothing else but some hanky-panky on a dark dirt road at night… For the first time in my experience, Mankote assumed its proper role of ecological importance as the largest surviving mangrove in the Eastern Caribbean. Hurrah!

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